3D Laser Scanning

At the forefront of modern survey techniques is 3D laser scanning, Prism Measured Surveys offer tailor made solutions to projects requiring laser scanning.


This solution allows for vast amounts of data to be collected to create a virtual 3D environment complete with photo-realistic colours which can be accessed through a variety of software packages. We can supply the data as a registered point cloud, 2D plans with elevations and sections or both to enable the user a full overview of the project.


For examples of our work, please visit the Portfolio page, or get in touch and we can send you an example portfolio brochure.



A 3D laser scanner can survey building features in incredible detail. The density of the measurements enables plans to be drawn in detail including detailed features such as cornice, trusses and decorative archways


3D laser scanners capture large amounts of data very quickly. This results in less disruption for property owners, businesses and tenants.


A laser scan survey can collect data from the area surrounding a building this can be used to provide helpful contextual information about the site. For example; neighbouring building heights and window positions and tree heights.


Survey data can also include photo-realistic colour textures to further enhance the survey output.

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