Drone Services

Prism now have a PfCO to fly their SUSA’s within VLOS regulated by the CAA using CRM to eliminate risk! Make sense?? Well it doesn’t have to!

At Prism we have undertaken all the training required to gain a permission for commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority.  We have 4 trained remote pilots to operate our Phantom 4 RTK and Phantom 4 drones.

Surveying using the drone allows us to capture top down and other aerial imagery and 3D data on site in a quicker and often safer way.  Once the data is collected on site we use various post-processing photogrammetry software packages. This helps us produce deliverables ranging from orthogaphic aeriel maps and 4k video to 3D meshes and volumetric surveys

Aerial video and imagery


Many uses during planning stages of new builds/extensions etc.  See the vista from proposed windows or the surrounding environment of existing properties

3D point cloud generation


Using photogrammetry software we can stitch together all the images taken from the SUSA in flight and process them to create a 3D point cloud, we can produce various formats for import into different CAD packages.  Along side point cloud data captured from the ground using our Leica BLK 360 laser scanner we can create a full site and building point cloud ready for modelling up or for use as a planning aid.   The RTK (real time kinematic) update feature of the DJI drone using GPS allows for geo-referenced survey data for streamlined workflows with other data input.

3D mesh generation 


Moving on from the generation of point cloud data, we can then produce 3D meshes.  Once modelled we can again export as various file formats to input into CAD packages.  Meshes are usually smaller file sizes and therefore easier to handle in most cases.

Orthographic mapping & topographic surveys


Using photogrammetry to stitch images together we can create a top down orthographic image of a site survey – fully scale able and geo-referenced for ease of workflows.  Ideal for site layouts, feasibility studies and planning.  Alongside all of the listed services are the traditional topographic surveys.  Using drones allows us to cover larger areas more quickly and safely, the data is then processed in a similar way to ground captured information and a 2D or 3D drawing then produced.  (see topographic surveys)

Promotional videos 


If its promotion of a local company, estate agents wanting to show of that exclusive new listing or just a bit of fun, there’s no denying aerial imagery looks cool! Whether at sea or on land Prism can provide edited promotional footage for you –   Here is a clip of some footage taken recently for a local business and of course Prism.

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